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Gutter Protection System

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Life today is about convenience, and there is no more convenient way to maintain your roof and gutters than to install a gutter protection system.  

Climbing ladders and hanging off the edge of your roof are a thing of the past. We want to help you keep your roof and gutters protected regardless of any weather. At Gutter Pro Inc. we offer three cover options: Snap Screen, Extreme Screen, and Leafproof.







These screens are carried and served only by us in West Michigan. While other company's do sell a type of snap screen, it does not have the back piece that ours have. This back piece is essential to keep it in place and stable.

Snap Screen and Extreme Screen are EXCLUSIVE to Gutter Pro Inc.

Snap Screen-  Just a snap!

Small Hole Speed Screen is an all-aluminum gutter screen 5/32” that requires no screws and no lifting of shingles to install. Simply place the back of the screen inside the gutter, on top of the gutter brackets, and then compress to spring load the screen and snap it into place. It’s that simple! 

  • Pre-notched for overlaps

  • All aluminum-no rust

  • Sizes for 5” & 6” gutters

  • 4” sections for fast installation

  • Spring-like tension holds screens securely in place

  • Reinforced edges provide strength & support between hangers

  • Simply sits on top of the gutter brackets and snaps into place. 

  • No screws and no shingles to deal with

  • Low profile design allows debris to blow off easily

  • Virtually invisible from the ground

  • Proudly made in the USA

Extreme Screen

Our extreme screen is held in place by spring tension and requires no screws for its installation.

  • “Z-style” profile helps break the surface tension to prevent water runoff. 

  • 1/16” x ⅛” hole pattern-smallest hole pattern in our Speed Screen line

  • Small hole design keeps most debris out while allowing water in

  • Powder-coated finish blends into the roofline

  • Made from heavy-duty .024 Aluminum that will not rust

  • 4” sections for quick and easy installation

  • Notched ends for overlapping each section


Gutter Pro Inc. is a Leafproof® Certified Installer. 

Leafproof® is designed for homeowners who want the ultimate protection for their homes. Leafproof®  can handle even the heaviest rainfall while keeping leaves and debris from entering your gutter.

Leafproof® Advanced Gutter Protection System can be installed on any type of roofing, including shingles, slate, metal and tile, and on any roof pitch. 

Give us a call today for a free estimate and avoid climbing dangerous ladders to clean your gutters.

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