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Your roof’s job is to collect all of the rain and snow that falls on it. The rain, or snow - as it melts, runs down the sides of your roof or over to the roof edges and off it goes. This water will cascade off the side of your roof and can cause damage to your home unless it is properly designed and has a well-kept gutter system.

We believe that gutter systems are important in order to ensure proper roof drainage for every home. At Gutter Pro Inc. we equip your home with a top-quality and customized gutter system. We offer seamless aluminum gutters in k-style and half round only using the highest quality materials.

Top-quality Gutters



The importance of Gutters

The main purpose of having gutters is to protect your foundation by redirecting water away from your home. This also prevents basement flooding, keeps your landscape protected, and prevents erosion. Gutter Pro believes that selecting quality materials and using professionals for your installation is very important. Our team is ready to help you in selecting the perfect gutters for your home. Call us today. 


An important property feature that is regularly overlooked is the gutter system. The gutter system serves many important functions that will ultimately benefit your home from keeping your possessions dry, clean and valuable to preventing damage to your home for years, in addition to helping you save money and maintenance.  Our seasoned installers are ready to help install, repair, clean and protect your property's gutter system.

Importance of gutters
Functioning gutters

How to ensure gutters are working properly?

Having a correctly functioning gutter system is one of the best ways to prevent water damage from occurring in your home.  A proper gutter system collects the rainwater that lands on the roof and directs it away from the house preventing any damage to the structure of your home. This system protects your foundation, driveway, and sidewalk from pooling water on the sides of your home.  


If you notice that your gutters are not functioning properly,  give us a call today. Our highly qualified team is ready to help you prevent any water from pooling on your roof or even worse, prevent the foundation from freezing, which can cause heaving and cracks. 

Gutter Installations and Repairs


Gutter Pro Inc. provides gutter installation in the Western Michigan area with high-quality products. You can choose from our quality aluminum materials with a variety of different colors to match the color and style of your home. 


Contact us today, our professional team has the training to ensure the precision installation of your new gutters. 

Gutter installation & repair
Gutter guard installation

Gutter Guard Installations

With time, leaves, dirt, sticks, and other particulates can clog your gutter system. When your gutters are dirty and clogged, they cannot function effectively.

At Gutter Pro Inc. we have the perfect solution to this common problem. We specialize in installing gutter guard systems that can keep leaves and other objects from entering your gutters.


 Our gutter guard system will prevent the annual chore of gutter cleaning. During our installation process, our technicians will carefully fasten the gutter guards to ensure they last a lifetime. Give us a call today! 

Why get Gutter Guards?

  • Saves you the stress and hassle of regularly cleaning out your gutters

  • Eliminates the entry of birds and other pests into your gutters and roofing

  • Extends the life of your gutters and downspouts

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